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Main references

Mr. Dominique PERRUT, Ph. D. in Economics,Paris-I University, Panthéon-Sorbonne (1976)



Independent Consultant and Researcher in Financial Economics for European Think-Tanks, NGOs and Institutions (Team Europe, Fondation Robert Schuman, Finance Watch)

Manager of DPA Finance, a Paris-Based Consultancy



Part-Time Professor of Financial Economics in French and European Universities (1992-2013)

Associate Manager of Eurodit Consultants, a Paris based-firm (1994) ;

Euromanagement Finance, Executive Manager (1988-1990) :

World Bank, Leading Consultant (1984-1985) :

Syndex Company, an Accounting and Auditing firm (1977-1987 ; 1991-1992) :


Foreign langages

Good fluency in English ;

Good fluency in Spanish ;

Born in Paris, French nationality